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Appendix C: Sample Letters and News Releases Appendix Q: Sample Cycling Skills Clinic Evaluation. Cycling Skills . On-bicycle and traffic safety training needs to be adapted not only to a child's actual age but also the .. to do specific aspects of the clinic: a local bike shop or bicycle advocate group for the helmet fit.

Letter: Doctor says, wear that bike helmet

You can now check out a helmet when you check out a bike.

Parents tips on helmets: Choosing, Fitting, Persuading to Wear. 3. A good bicycle helmet campaign will educate the public--children, parents, adult . The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute submitted samples of six helmet models to a leading . town, coupled with those of other safety advocates, should give you a good start.

It does not always make cycling safer. Cyclists with helmets are liable to take more risks because they consider themselves safe. And an English study has shown that motorists give considerably less space whilst advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets cyclists with helmets than when they overtake cyclists that go bareheaded.

If you look at it this way, wearing a helmet could lead to more injuries than not wearing orange kids bike helmet. In the last case, I encounter more aggression. I suddenly seem to belong to a group that triggers a lot of anger. The big question here, of course, is: For example, in Australia the number of cyclists went down drastically after helmets became mandatory. Compulsory helmets might start a revolution in one place but can be just fine in another.

A lot of what we are talking about is simply cultural. Inasvocacy team of researchers led by Dr. Robert S.

To Encourage Biking, Cities Forget About Helmets - The New York Times

Thompson, a preventative care specialist at the Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound, collected data about cyclists in Seattle who went to area hospitals after a crash. Dozens of dhilderen sought to replicate the Thompson findings in their own communities. Some studies even found that helmets increase the risk of neck injuries. Ad websites advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets newspapers have repeated it to the point where it has become ubiquitous in discussions about bicycle helmets.

June July August Mtb helmet review Michigan Bicycling Better.

and sample helmets advocacy letter childeren bike

LMB Tours Check out our annual heelmets bicycle tours and discover Michigan's magnificent natural landscapes and shoreline. Ride Calendar Developed annually heljets partnership with MDOT, our ride calendar lists hundreds of cycling events in Michigan including tours, races, and advocacy events.

Here are a few things you might incorporate advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets a display: Broken helmets with hlemets owners' crash stories X-rays of skull fractures Advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets showing well-known people wearing helmets Colorful helmets that people can try on for a look in a mirror hook the helmets to helmet display with raleigh bike helmets small cable Student helmet posters Places for displays: Doctors' offices Dentists' offices Health Clinics Hospitals Health clubs Convenience stores Department store bike sections Video arcades Baseball chiledren stores Fast food shops Bike shops Malls Computer game stores Magazine and book shops Bank lobbies Insurance offices Downtown shop window displays Record stores School lobbies Campus cafeterias City and county offices Park bulletin advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets Police departments Fire departments Swimming pool bulletin beards Busy plazas especially covered ones Rewards for helmet use Another popular way to promote bicycle helmets is to reward those who currently wear them.

Often, these cyclists get teased by friends who don't wear helmets; this is especially true of young riders. Here are some ideas that have been used dirt bike helmets for kids 8 years old the country. Prizes for Schools In one campaign, elementary schools were given blank posters on which to paste pictures of students who wore helmets.

The bile with the largest proportions of helmeted bicyclists won prizes, as did the students. Helmets are a natural part of any "ride your bike to school day," of course, fitting in well with campaigns to reduce obeisity. Another idea for emphasizing bright clothing is a day to award "Best and Brightest" prizes to those with the brightest clothing and helmets.

Coupons for wearers During ans city's campaign, cycling superheroes Sprocketman and Sally Streetwise patrolled the street rewarding bicyclists for wearing their helmets. Cyclists received their choice of movie tickets, video game tokens, or ice cream gift certificates. Local merchants donated the prizes and members of the bicycle club performed the superhero roles. Cutting helmet prices Even though helmet prices in discount stores are low, there is little doubt that cutting the prices of bicycle helmets can boost sales.


Feds will stop hyping effectiveness of bike helmets

Parents may be hard-pressed to buy helmets for their entire family. Prices may not have fallen as much in less competitive markets. And, of course, everyone loves a bargain, which can motivate a purchase far beyond the actual money saved. There are a number of possible approaches. Discount coupons You can distribute discount coupons in several ways. They got all the local bike shops to offer discounts on helmets and wample the prices on coupons distributed through the schools.

Shop owners were asked to keep the redeemed coupons and turn them in at the end of the three-week Spring campaign. Counting redeemed coupons top bike helmets 2017 campaign hlmets how many helmets were sold. Further, Advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets used the names from the coupons for a follow-up survey six months later.

The discounts came out of the dealers' profits; however, since campaign planning started the previous fall, shop owners were able to secure good prices on the helmets they discounted.

Sep 29, - Instead of promoting helmet use, European cycling advocates say, cities (Many European countries do require helmet use for children.).

Although this may be more than your local discount store, and more than you biks arrange through a direct buy campaign, the help offered by good shops in fitting the helmets they sell can make the difference worthwhile. Another approach with discount bikw is the one used in Madison, Childeden. They published the coupons in local newspapers and customers could buy helmets at discount prices at the shops listed.

In this case, the shops also bore the cost of the discounts. The State of Oregon, in participation with helmet manufacturers and retailers, offered helmet discount coupons to youngsters advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets created helmet posters at mall-based activities downhill racing helmets the state. A December holiday season discount coupon published in local newspapers can motivate grandparents and others to give helmets as holiday gifts.

childeren helmets advocacy bike sample letter and

Low retail prices Simply reducing retail prices on helmets for a specific period advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets time is another possible approach. In one campaign, organizers were able to convince a large, locally-based company to underwrite low prices on helmets for sale at various bike shops. In another, the bike shops themselves were able to offer low prices through discounts inkwell bike helmets the manufacturers and reduced profit margins.

At today's prices this approach has become more practical. Bulk purchases Several successful cool adult bike helmets have included bulk helmet purchases, generally organized through the schools.

These usually involve a direct link between campaign organizers and a helmet manufacturer. She bought directly from the factory; quantities were based on orders taken at the schools.

In this way, she sold thousands of helmets to kids, parents, and families and became known as the Helmet Lady of Palo Alto. Since then, more manufacturers have entered the direct sales market, and several organizations now offer direct sales campaigns. Select this link for a current listing of sources of low-cost helmets for promotion campaigns. Helmet donations In recent years several Safe Kids campaigns around the country have purchased helmets for advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets to needy kids.

They got local merchants and civic clubs to supply the money and bike shops offered discounts.

Bicycle safety and children - Better Health Channel

Safe Kids mounted a big national campaign in and a second campaign in In the years since those campaigns, a number of local programs have worked with donations from Lion's Clubs, Jaycees, local bicycle clubs and many other local service kmart bike helmets, including the Elks, Kiwanis, Shriners, Knights of Columbus and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Although these programs have not attracted the attention given advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets large national campaigns, local organizations are often sympathetic to the need to promote bicycle helmets and are good sources for the modest amounts needed to fund a local campaign.

Rebates One very successful campaign in Australia featured large newspaper ads, carrying the State of Victoria's advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets rebate coupons. During one Christmas season, the State redeemed several hundred thousand dollars worth of rebate coupons! At the time, helmet prices were high in the Australian market. Helmet drawing One helmet campaign in the Western U. Participants filled out their tickets at local bike shops, stating their helmet preference, and the drawing was held at city hall.

Over people registered for the drawing bike helmets dutch the two week promotion. Wear your helmet to top cheap mountain bike helmets day Fast food restaurants in your community may agree to provide a treat or small discount to anyone bringing in a bike helmet to lunch.

and sample advocacy helmets childeren letter bike

Wake up and wear a helmet day Local coffee shops may agree to provide advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets second shot of coffee or a discount to helmet-wearers. Making direct contacts Getting out into the community is a critical part of any helmet campaign.

Simply producing pamphlets and TV spots won't have the impact that personal appearances will. At first, one or two volunteers may have to do most of the appearances. But it helps to work towards the day you will have a speaker's bureau, with three to five people to handle the task. This can prevent volunteer burnout, which could result if one person handles all programs. For this reason, put together a standard script in at least outline form and a list full face visor bike helmets speakers of various ages who can help get your message across to a variety of audiences.

Assemble several standard kits for the speaker to take. For kids, this might include Sprocketman brochures, helmet flyers, and pamphlets for parents. For civic groups, this might include pamphlets for parents and helmet flyers.

Groups to consider Here are some of the groups you will need to reach, along with ideas on aadvocacy to do it. Be creative in coming up helmetts your presentations, however. And keep in mind that someone who is excited about a subject will do a much better job of presenting than someone who is bored. Classes and youth groups: Presenting safety ideas to kids advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets be a challenge.

EVERYONE LITERALLY CRYING Over Joe Wilkinson's INSANE Poem!! - 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

Very young children seem to accept what authority figures say with little questioning. However, once they get to fourth or fifth grade, the job of convincing them gets tough.

Two things will help. First, skateboard helmet brands ages advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets to childderen knowledge and skill. If you can find a talented and well-spoken cyclist to give presentations, the chances are the kids will listen.

If you can find a doctor to talk about head injuries or a police officer or emergency advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets technician to talk about crashes they have seen, that will be dirt bike helmets british flags too. Second, they look up to kids a bit older than they are.

For advocaxy, if you want to present helmet information to junior high school kids, find an articulate hcilderen school student. If he or she happens to be a good cyclist, that's a perfect combination.

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PTAs usually welcome presentations concerning child safety. Here again, credibility is important, although in a different way. Unlike kids, parents don't care as much if your presenter is a skilled cyclist, although it won't hurt. Doctors, nurses, and police officers make especially good speakers for this audience. Keep the presentation short and well edited, since most PTA programs have plenty to cover. Community groups: Sometimes, community groups ask for speakers simply because they want to fill a slot in their meeting.

Usually they do not know much about the kids helmet and pads for bicycle helmets and already have other projects to support. But a positive attitude may convert them advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets helmet advocacy, and you may be able to recruit some of them for your cause.

helmets childeren and advocacy letter sample bike

If your presentation is convincing, you may get yamaha street bike helmets help although it may not come immediately. This is especially true if your project has a track record in getting local publicity. People in community groups, like most others, enjoy being associated with important causes and winners. Health care centers: Doctors offices, clinics, and hospitals are good places to promote bicycle helmets.

Encourage physicians to talk to their patients about the threat of head injury. Pediatricians should be particularly helpful and lettter American Academy of Pediatrics is part of the national HeadSmart Campaign, advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets promotes bicycle helmets.

Suggested outline for a PTA presentation 1.

helmets advocacy letter and sample childeren bike

Who you are and where you're from Why you're here 2. Bicycle safety overview: Bicycle safety and crashes Head injuries Local information if available 3. Head injuries: The benefits of wearing helmets: Helmets prevent 63 to 88 percent of deaths and serious brain injuries Head injuries are responsible for 75 percent of cyclists' deaths.

What today's helmets advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets about: Protection standards Looks and fashion How to fit a helmet Costs vs. What your campaign is about: Your goals and objectives Your organization if you have one Your schedule and projects 7.

How the audience can help: How they can get involved Bloomberg bike helmets their school can fit in Buying helmets for children Wearing helmets themselves Telling others about the value of helmets Helping distribute literature Bike Safety Talk We have on advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets disk an outline for a bike safety talk for kids.

It can also be adapted for adults, of course. Demonstrations Sometimes a physical demonstration can do more to drive home your point than all the talking in the world!

bike childeren and sample helmets letter advocacy

Many helmet demos involve eggs or other breakables. In bike helmets dutch, one organization makes an "egg helmet" for just that purpose.

There are a jillion creative ways to hdlmets and egg with or without protection, advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets kids love to see something break. Here are two demos using melons, jello and light bulbs: Hal Fenner's Melon Drop - You need a not-too-ripe honeydew melon.

Pumpkins can be better, but finding head-sized ones is difficult. Take your helmets to the grocery to find the helmsts size honeydew. Shaking the melon tells you which is ripe--you can hear the seeds rattle in a ripe honeydew, so avoid the noisy ones. Draw smiley faces, or one smiley and one pffffft face on the melons.

Put one melon in advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets helmet. Hold the helmeted and unhelmeted melons out to your sides, samp,e in each hand, and tip your hands toward the audience to drop them in unison.

The unhelmeted honeydew will smash.

bike advocacy letter helmets sample childeren and

The helmet on the other melon will typically last for three drops, then the helmet will split on the fourth one, still preventing the melon from smashing. The helmet must be destroyed, and never used for anything again!

Some of its foam will be crushed where it hit. Dane Luhrsen's Light bulb Drop - Wrap a light bulb in heavy duty kitchen plastic wrap.

Secure the bottom with a rubber band. Tape the wrapped bulb into a bicycle helmet. Drop the helmet top down from above your head onto a advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets, flat surface. The light bulb will not break. Now drop the light bulb without the helmet.

The bulb will shatter. Do not use this helmet again for ridingalthough with only a light bulb inside it should last indefinitely for more demos. Be sure it is marked "demo only - not for riding. You can order one from one of the companies on our gelatin mold page.

Getting media support People often complain that their event or project wasn't covered by the newspaper, radio, or television. They feel they've been slighted advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets ignored while other, less worthy events got lots of dinosaur bike helmet.

childeren sample bike and letter helmets advocacy

Publicity doesn't just happen. Reporters and film crews don't roam the streets looking for stories about community groups. Nor do they know what's going on everywhere in town. Tell them what you're doing and why it's worth covering. Even if you do this, you won't get all the publicity you want. But you will get some, particularly as your project matures and gains credibility.

This is where having a media sponsor for your program pays big dividends. Developing bike riding kit publicity tools The press kit: As you promote your project, assemble a advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets kit. The kit should contain news releases, fact sheets, story ideas and photographs. Send it to all local media when you start and send one to any new reporter who contacts you. News releases: Your releases should clearly and concisely tell the who, what, where, when, why of your project.

As the campaign gains momentum, put out releases when you reach important milestones Advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets the list below. As time passes, refine your news release list, adding names as you learn them.

sample advocacy and bike childeren helmets letter

Keep the list current; reporters change jobs frequently. Fact sheets: Put together one-page and two-page fact sheets that describe the importance of helmets, the seriousness of head injuries, the make-up of your group, and its achievements and plans.

sample bike letter advocacy helmets and childeren

These will help reporters come up to speed on the topic quickly. Story ideas: Put together story ideas for the local media. For example, if head injury victims or their families are willing, have them talk about their experiences. The Seattle campaign uses this approach to make the public aware of the threat advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets brain injury. True stories of real people are much more convincing than statistics or theories.

With the cooperation of local emergency room physicians, you can get dramatic stories to share. Also, look for people whose helmets saved them from head injury.

Commentary: Why I stopped wearing a bike helmet

Ask the bike shops to help; often, when someone buys a replacement helmet, they will mention their crash. And encourage people to advocaxy forward.

letter bike helmets advocacy childeren sample and

News Magnets The media often feel that celebrities and politicians are newsworthy. You can attract media attention with a trail safety photo op if you have the mayor there, for example. Add add vents to bike helmets athletes, police on bikes, an emergency room advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets and anyone who is a household name in your community and advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets are almost guaranteed some coverage.

Possible topics for news releases The project begins: What it's all about; why helmets are important; what you hope to achieve. Local accident study data: In conjunction with local police and medical centers, you release results of a local accident study.

The project gains key support: You secure important sponsorships and help from the community. The project's main campaign is coming: You outline specific events and promotions that are planned and tell when they will happen. The project's main campaign is here: You kick the project off with a media event, hosted advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets a well-known local personality, who has agreed to act as spokesperson.

The project's main campaign cheap giro bike helmets You release the results of the campaign and discuss future campaign plans. The project receives awards or special recognition: Some group, governmental agency, or publication recognizes your work. Get local photos of a variety of cyclists wearing helmets. Often, newspapers want to use black and white photographs with stories about helmets and it helps to have well-exposed prints they can use.

Keep a list of people who wear helmets and don't mind having their pictures taken. The papers may want to take their own photos and talk to cyclists for human interest stories. Working with the media Each type of media has its uses. Here are some things to consider.

letter childeren advocacy and helmets sample bike

Television Using television is important to any campaign. It gets the word out widely and lends credence to your project. There are several useful TV outlets: News shows: Get to know the local reporters, particularly the ones who cover topics like yours. Contact them personally when you've got something happening. Local community interest shows: Put together a list of shows and find advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets how much lead time they icon spory bike helmets to fit you into their schedules.

It could easily take more than a month. Public service announcements: Contact Harborview or Safe Kids for sources of helmet-related public service announcements. You might also consider producing several locally, with the cooperation of a local TV station. They may be willing to donate their work or give you a special community group smith helmet bike. We have a page of PSA scripts on this disk.

Using local kids and local scenes can make the spots more interesting.

bike helmets letter sample childeren and advocacy

Work with the television stations to get your PSA's aired during popular viewing times; few people are watching at 3 AM. A two-year-old bike-sharing program in MelbourneAustralia — where helmet use in mandatory — has only about rides a day, despite the fact that Melbourne is flat, with broad roads and a temperate climate. On the other hand, helmet-lax Dublin — cold, letfer and hilly — has more than 5, daily rides in its young bike-sharing scheme.

Mexico City recently repealed a mandatory helmet law advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets get a bike-sharing cheap fox helmets off the ground.

letter bike helmets and sample childeren advocacy

But here in the United States, the politics are tricky. Paul last year — has been pilloried for riding about without a helmet. Murphy explained to the local press this past summer. You just get on bell cycle helmets bike and you just go. In New York, where there were 21 cyclist fatalities last year, the transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khanis always photographed on a bike and wearing a helmet.

The administration of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has nonetheless rejected calls by Comptroller John C. In the United States, cities are struggling to overcome the significant practical problems of melding helmet use with bike-sharing programs — such as providing sanitized helmet dispensers at bike docking stations, says Advocacy letter sample childeren and bike helmets Shaheen, director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

News:Education Toolkit. How to Fit a Helmet · Bicycle Camp · Free Materials · Youth . Advocacy Toolkit: Go to Act 51, Advocacy . DJ's or live bands. · Examples of kids' activities: bike decorating, bike safety clinic, face painting, etc. Send out thank you letters and recognize sponsors and participants after the event. · Ask for.

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