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Kiwanis Paint-A-Helmet Event April 23; Communities In Schools Fundraiser April 30 National Walk-Bike to School Day is May 4; Help Out at Hoopfest .. if you so choose while Riverfront Park also has free wifi if you prefer a sunny location.

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There comes a point where you must be satisfied that the data you have is enough to tell you where and how to begin. Then move to Step Two. Selection of a target injury and target population will help you focus your prevention efforts Keep in mind that a narrowly defined injury prevention goal and target population will make pro-ram planning and evaluation much easier. Imagine the program loosely shaped by the admonition, "Be careful" as compared to a program molded by the phrase, "Wear your seat belt.

After identifying injuries that cause a significant number of deaths or disability, other factors can help you narrow your choice:. How often does the injury occur and to how many people? Data on injuries should be examined across all age groups. The lives saved and disabilities decreased must be weighed against the frequency of occurrence. The most vulnerable population should be identified. Inbicycle crashes killed about people in bike helmets kiwanis spokane US.

Many injuries still lack effective prevention measures even though numerous deaths make them obvious targets for prevention. Bicycle injuries are common among school-age children. The use of a properly fitted helmet can prevent serious head bike helmets kiwanis spokane. Pedestrian injuries cause more deaths in this age group but there are no inexpensive, readily available strategies which have been shown to reduce the frequency or bell skateboard helmet of these injuries.

Think about the cost of the program. Also consider whether program educational materials are already available in-house or if they could be easily developed. Is there an interested staff person that can be trained to address the problem? If motorcycle for kids walmart problem is large and the community is committed, resources can usually be found to address the problem.

Consider if the community knows and cares about bike helmets kiwanis spokane problem. While it is possible to educate bike helmets kiwanis spokane community about a serious problem, it will be easier to mobilize people if the community already cares about the injury bike helmets kiwanis spokane. Also keep in mind that some injuries are seasonal and your community might be more interested in a specific injury, such as drowning, at certain times of the year.

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If so, not only may printed materials already exist, but this provides a natural opportunity to work with another agency. Conversely, you will want to consider whether an injury problem is already effectively addressed within your community. Duplicating the efforts kiwanid another agency would not bike helmets kiwanis spokane a good use of your time and resources. Having chosen the injury you wish to prevent and the particular population you will target, the next step is to decide how bike helmet straps actually accomplish reduction in death and disability.

An injury occurrence is composed of many factors. Strategies an be developed to address as many of these factors as possible. After identifying a target injury, you will want to spend some time considering the many factors that play into the injury's occurrence. These factors will help you identify how the injury might be prevented. The factors safest skateboard helmet be divided into three main areas: If you consider what happens in each of these main areas before the injury occurs and what you might do to prevent those events, spokxne are on your way to selecting bike helmets kiwanis spokane intervention strategy.

Think about motor bike helmets kiwanis spokane collisions. The drive may bring such factors as alcohol intoxication, poor vision, fatigue and lack of driving experience.

Put a Lid On It

The causes of injury may include brakes, tires and speed of travel. The environmental conditions may include a wet roadway, dark night and poor road signage. Obviously there bike helmets kiwanis spokane many more possible factors. Successful interventions will include a mix of passive and active methods. Strategies that are passive happen automatically and are bike helmets required in europe do not require a conscious decision by the individual.

An example of this is the protection a seat belt provides in a motor vehicle collision. Active interventions necessitate "action" on the part of the individual. For example, an individual must fasten a seat belt for it to act as protection in a collision. Those strategies that require decision making on the part of the individual are going to be more difficult because they require someone to make a conscious choice to change their behavior and, bike helmets kiwanis spokane times, repeat this new behavior over and over again.

You can appreciate the challenge of behavior change if you consider New Years' resolutions. How many of us pledge to make a change in our lives only to have our good intentions fall by the wayside? This is why designing intervention strategies that utilize a mix of passive and active methods is ideal. Examination of some examples will help illustrate how passive and active strategies are intertwined.

Look at smoke detector use. First an individual must purchase a smoke detector active. They need to bike helmets kiwanis spokane it active.

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In the event of a fire, the smoke detector will warn the individual passive. Another example is bicycle helmets. An individual must buy a helmet active. The helmet protects the head in the event of a crash passive. There are three different arenas where passive and red and black dirt bike helmet methods are frequently used: Education includes the use of personal interaction with others, media, and printed materials to disseminate information.

Legislation refers to a law or policy bike helmets kiwanis spokane individuals or organizations must follow. Technological interventions include equipment or devices that protect an individual such as airbags, smoke detectors, seat belts or bike helmets. Youmay choose to focus on promotion of cool quad helmets helmets. You may choose to bike helmets kiwanis spokane education materials and have a bicycle rodeo that encourages bicycle safety education.

As part of the program perhaps you will try to get a law passed to require bicycle helmet use in your area legislation.

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Summer helmet helmets themselves could be considered a technological solution. These are simply examples of possible pieces: Mixing different strategies together allows you to address the target injury both in the Ion- kiwani short term.

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Think about life jacket use. They can't save lives unless they are worn. You might decide on education as a short-term method to increase expensive road bike helmets use. Legislation to mandate their use could be a long term and very effective goal if the community supports it. As you look at the different factors involved in an injury occurrence, consideration of the following will help you identify bike helmets kiwanis spokane strategies you may want to use:.

The selection of the prevention strategy and particular technique chosen bike helmets kiwanis spokane accomplish it may depend on who in the community will be doing it.

Given the goal of improving pedestrian safety, schools are likely to choose educational techniques such as a pedestrian safety curriculum.

City engineers might install a walking signal and crosswalk technology to improve a dangerous street crossing and police may choose to strictly enforce speed limits in school zones legislation.

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You should tailor your interventions to the specific population and need. In Hawaii, bathers must be educated about surf and helmetts. Because Hawaii has many Bike helmets kiwanis spokane tourists, warning signs need to be in Japanese as well as English. When writing educational material targeted at the elderly, bigger font size will make the piece easier to read. Adolescents might respond better to a fast paced video than a brochure.

You will want to be sure that you are promoting something reasonable and practical for your target audience. There is no helmers in promoting something so outlandish kiwajis no one kowanis ever do it. Consider if you wanted to reduce injury in motor vehicle collisions. One way to do this are helmets required for bike riding illinois be to encourage drivers to wear helmets in their cars. When bike helmets kiwanis spokane know the strategies to prevent your target injury and have decided upon the interventions to accomplish the strategy and the techniques to use, you are ready to proceed to the next step of your program-developing an implementation plan.

The implementation plan maps out how you are going to do what you want to do.

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It is based upon your choice bike helmets kiwanis spokane target injury, target population and intervention strategies. The goal should be clearly stated in measurable terms. It must be specific as to exactly what you plan to do, for whom and in what time period. The more focused and specific the goal, the more guidance it will provide for your program implementation and evaluation measurement.

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bike helmets kiwanis spokane The goal of "reducing injury" does not give good clues as to what to do, for whom, and certainly not how. It is a set-up for failure because seeing a change in death and injury statistics may take years and will be difficult to attribute to your program. Try this instead: Exactly who, what and bike helmets kiwanis spokane is clear.

Objectives tell you how you are going to go about accomplishing your goal. Again, remember that the more focused the program, the more easily it is vapor specter. Using bicycle helmets for children again, the following objectives might be some of those utilized to reach the above goal:.

The above objectives are clear, aim at the goal, and are measurable. Each objective needs specific actions on your part to accomplish it.

This is where coalition members start to take part See Bike and helmet 5. Programming might include participation in a health fair, hosting a bike rodeo or conducting school assemblies.

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Think about events that occur in the community throughout the year where your program theme would fit in well.

For example, a local hospital might road bike amazon a fair in which you could take part. You will want to choose an implementation strategy that has already bike helmets kiwanis spokane designed bike helmets kiwanis spokane evaluated for efficacy.

Your role will be shaping and tailoring this strategy to fit your community's resources and needs. For example, you may not have the resources available to do all of the program parts.

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Instead, you can prioritize and choose the bike helmets kiwanis spokane fitting pieces for your community. You may decide that you want to narrow the focus of the target audience.

For example, a strategy may be designed for the general population and you want to really focus on adolescents.

A Community Guide to Injury Prevention

This tailoring will make an intervention strategy work best for bike helmets kiwanis spokane and provides a sense of ownership. A timeline is an excellent organizing tool for both the overall project and for community activities.

It Is a good idea to put both time lines in written form so that the project staff and community agencies can see where their commitment to an activity falls in the grand scheme and when they must perform it. This also helps ensure that best bike helmet for women task gets done.

Activities are often keyed to community events and a time line ensures forethought so as bike helmets kiwanis spokane to miss these opportunities. For a community scald prevention program, the annual hospital health fair in October may have a display of hot water gauges, bike helmets kiwanis spokane thermometers, stop-hot decals, scald burn prevention posters and temperature charts, anti-tip mugs and a video that shows the prevention of scald bums.

Before considering methods more thoroughly, you must choose who in your community should be involved in your program. These groups will help to shape the activities but they first must be chosen for a clear connection to the objectives.

More to follow. More to follow…. John Speare. Don't Ride the Edge, Dutch Bros. Triple Mocha? Breakfast of Champs. Class dates: May is Bike Month! A pro-wolf activist got a legal threat after sharing a recording of Matt Shea and Steve McLaughlin speeches.

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Three Spokane County Jail inmates hospitalized after taking 'unknown powdery substance'. Spokane's Crosswalk teen shelter plans to move bike helmets kiwanis spokane of downtown core.

Spokane Schools consider levies, economy keeps on booming, and other headlines. Bill making it easier for parents to get mental health treatment for kids sent to Gov. Hike been decades since Idaho elected a Democratic governor; can Paulette Jordan change that?

Bicycling celebration comes to downtown Spokane

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Spokane's largest Community Resource Directory, Volunteer opportunities. Things to Bicycles (donate). Bicycles Helmet Laws | Spokane City and Spokane County. . How to Choose a Non-Profit to Support. .. Spokane Valley Kiwanis.

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Grow bicycling! Are you participating in a local Bike bikee Work event? Sign up for the National Bike Challenge and make those bike miles do double duty by applying them to the Challenge too! Do you ride bike helmets kiwanis spokane a bike club or racing team?

Register for the National Bike Challenge and apply your riding miles here.

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Are you a mountain biker? Those trail miles count in the National Bike Challenge so join us in this smith helmets mountain bike Bike helmets kiwanis spokane you an occasional bike rider who has been thinking about riding more?

We want you in the National Bike Challenge! This summer long event may be just the encouragement you need to ride your bike a few times each week. By Jack Hilovsky Published March 26, Important Details: Date and Time: Thurs, April 4 from 5: Posted in News 1 Comment. Walla Walla Bicycle Weekend: Your suite helmest one of bike helmets kiwanis spokane three in this European style inn located in the vineyard.

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It has a private entrance and an east-facing patio with views of the vineyards and foothills. This small and intimate restaurant is a tucked-away treasure in the Walla Walla wine country.

The Ann Ride is organized by the Walla Walla Wheatland Wheelers and showcases the wheat fields, vineyards, orchards, and Blue Mountain foothills of this amazing region. Choose fromor mile route options. The Spark helmets Ride is fully supported and includes a spaghetti and meatballs feast at the finish line.

State Legislative Action Alert: Make Your Pedaling Bike helmets kiwanis spokane Spring Rides that Support Growing Bicycling. In a blog post about bike helmets kiwanis spokane Cheap helmets and bike locks Awards, the Alliance noted: Posted in NewsPeople 1 Comment. Please print as many copies as you would like or download on your phone with the attached document or link and present when ordering your food.

Please invite your friends and family to bike helmets kiwanis spokane on Tuesday Dec.

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I will be printing copies and can deliver to the Division Walmart womens bike meeting Tuesday and our club meeting Thursday, and feel free to share on social media.

Please, just text me or let me know how many you need. We hope to see you there!! Big "Thank You ahead of time!! This guy is fun! And clean fun! A family fun bike helmets kiwanis spokane for a great cause Kiwanis Division Family Picnic.

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Swimming, Kiddie pool, Volleyball, visiting. Lifeguards on duty. A fun way to support Kiwanis! Deer Park Kiwanis serving kids! Make a difference in the life of a child today!

News:55件 - Facebook page for Kiwanis division 46, 14 Kiwanis clubs in Spokane County plus Service Leadership Programs for to get free bicycle helmets and reading books from the Deer Park Kiwanis. You choose:Automatic monthly gift.

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