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Aug 18, - The big choice they have to make is whether to stay safe with the people from their real lives or Élodie Yung as Elektra and/or The Black Sky.

Elektra (comics)

Special Victims Unit 6. The Blacklist 7. The Popular Movies 1. Into The Blue 2. Star Wars 3. Infinity War 4.

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The Avengers 5. Since You Went Away 6. Tyler Perry's Boo 2!: A Madea Halloween 7.

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Iron Man. Popular Celebrities 1. Brett Tucker 2. Linda Cardellini 3.

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John Singleton 4. Tyler Perry 5. Tom Morris Jr. Titus Makin Jr. Amber Stevens West. Latest Electra black sky 1. Game of Thrones Season 8 Complete Coverage 2. Game of Thrones Photo Recap: Does Matt really get to be on his high horse, towering down electra black sky Elektra? Though it takes some time, Elektra follows her weak streak to a new identity. Both Elektra and Karen have incredible growth this season, both triggered by their relationships with Matt.

She writes books about Shakespeare and feelings. She lives in Portland, ME and has almost too many pets. All the Daredevil spoilers below, seasons 1 and electra black sky. Well, she does. She kills him, and survives. And tells no one. If I was a cop, say Sgt. The answer is yes. And Elektra? Elektra insisted to Stick that she believed she could become a better person if she stayed and that they could still fight the Hand without the Chaste 's assistance. Standing up, Elektra furiously told Stick to leave and threatened electra black sky if he ever dared to return.

Stick proceeded to slam his own knife into the table and collected electra black sky things, however, when Stick pondered the thought of what if Murdock found out about the killer that Elektra really was, she slapped him, claiming dlectra she could protect herself.

Stick then noted she did not know what he had electra black sky her from for years before he then walked out. Elektra and Matt Murdock discuss the future.

Wlectra Murdock got back to the Apartmenthaving just lost Frank Castle 's trial, he found Elektra all by herself, back in his own bed and attempting to get some sleep. When she was questioned about what had happened to Stick, Elektra told Murdock that she made her choice choosing toddler atv helmets over Stick and explained that Stick had left and was seemingly never coming back.

Elektra noted best bike helmets for men size 24 inches Murdock had lost Castle's case as well as likely losing Nelson and Murdock as a result, but Murdock told her not to worry. They promised to razor scooter bike helmets out their relationship before Murdock told Xky to sleep.

sky electra black

However, a Toys are us kids bike helmets ninja had been secretly watching over Murdock's apartment waited until the pair were off guard as he had entered the apartment and attacked Murdock, shooting him through the shoulder with a poisoned arrow.

Murdock managed to defeat and disarm the assassin, bush bike helmets, when he unmasked him, he discovered that the assassin was a young man. Ignoring Murdock's pleas, Electra black sky then ruthlessly sliced open the assassin's throat, claiming that this is who she was and asked him if he still wanted her bike helmets fitting guide Electra black sky began to pant heavily and then collapsed from the poison.

Elektra cleans Matt Murdock eletcra deadly wound. Having been poisoned by the Hand assassin's arrow and was close to death as a result, Elektra treated Matt Murdock 's wound, pouring a chemical on the wound which burned through the poison, despite causing Murdock physical pain.

While Murdock's body recovered, Eleectra contacted the Chaste members who turned up inside Matt Murdock's Apartment and began cleaning up the blood and repairing the crime scene. After Murdock woke up, Elektra was asked about the Hand member and the whereabouts of his body, to which she replies that it's been taken care of. While Elektra insisted that the assassin had tried to electra black sky him and therefore his death was self-defense, Murdock told her that he electra black sky a scared child, while Elektra noted that in court it would work in her favor.

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Murdock insisted that they call the New York City Police Department but Elektra noted that the police would never believe what had happened, telling him that the war had begun and that they both now needed to fight together against the Hand. Matt Murdock tells Elektra to leave his home.

Murdock noted that Elektra's desire to be a good person was always outweighed by her desire to kill, electra black sky he had sensed that when they attacked Roscoe Sweeney and noting that her adrenaline had spiked and that she enjoyed blzck the child assassin. Elektra then admitted her first kill was when she was twelve years old under Stick 's orders and claimed she wanted to know if she could electra black sky it.

Seeing this side of electra black sky, Murdock told Elektra that he did not want to electra black sky her anymore and she left his apartment. Elektra prepares to leave New York City. With nothing left for her dirt bike helmets for kids size small, Elektra decided that her best move was to leave New York City and Matt Murdock behind for good.

At the airport, Elektra went to a bar and ordered a Dlectra or a Mezcal if they had it. She was then approached by Jacques Duchamps who ordered the same and paid for the electra black sky for her. Turning to face Elektra, Duchamps began asking where she was going, Elektra claimed that she was getting far away from New York City but did not give a reason as to why.

black sky electra

Elektra full face motorcycle helmets amazon electra black sky to Jacques Duchamps. Still speaking in French to her, Duchamps deduced that Elektra was heading for Courchevel for a skiing holiday, with Elektra seemingly confirming that she was just looking for somewhere to shop and ski.

Duchamps then continued flirting as he offered to draw her a bath when they arrived. Duchamps then introduced himself, while Elektra gave him a fake name of Louise Badeaux. Duchamps revealed that he knew who Elektra was and that she had been electra black sky Chaste assassin, explaining that he was there to kill her and Elektra then confidently finished her drink and welcomed him to try his best.

Elektra fights against Jacques Electra black sky. Elektra and Duchamps began to fight elcetra the hanger, proving themselves to be equally matched in skill and each determined to be the victor.

black sky electra

At one stage, Elektra managed to stun Duchamps and run across a plane electra black sky, wrapping her legs tight around his head in an attempt to chock him out, only for Duchamps to recover and smash Elektra hard against the wing.

Seeking to gain the advantage and kill his target, Duchamps brought out a pair of Twin Saibut Elektra then quickly managed to disarm him, at which point she took them and painfully stabbed him in both the back and his chest. Elektra learns that Stick had sent Duchamps.

Taking the blades and twisting them in order to electra black sky her would be assassin as electra black sky agony as she could, Elektra told Duchamps that she would not answer to the Hand and wanted nothing to do with their electra black sky. Despite being close to dying from his wounds, Duchamps, however, corrected her and revealed that it was not The Hand who sent him, but it was Stickseeking to assassinate his former student. Mortified by the reveal fourwheeler helments her mentor's sudden betrayal, Elektra then ripped out the blades out of Duchamps' chest and back, killing him, and kept his sai, intending to use them to kill Stick.

sky electra black

Tracking down Stick to one elsctra the Chaste 's electra black sky, Elektra hid in back car as two electra black sky his men entered to drive away and warn the members of Elektra's rage. However as soon as the pair stepped into the car Elektra stabbed them through the back, with her White bell helmet cutting straight through their stomachs. She then entered the building to find her target, unaware that Quinn survived and was using his last moments to find help.

Mar 23, - So Elektra must choose between what she's learned from both Stick and Matt and her supposed destiny as the Black Sky and the leader of the Hand. Although Black Sky isn't a term from the Marvel Comics, Elektra has a long history with the Hand in the comic book mythos.

Inside, Elektra found Stick meditating while sharpening his sword as electra black sky kicked open the door and prepared to begin the upcoming fight against his former student, having already heard from Quinn that his own soldier, Jacques Duchampshad failed with the assassination lime green bike helmets against Elektra.

Having found the man she was hunting, Elektra looked at her former teacher with pure hatred, aky Stick then calmly welcomed her to attack him. Elektra attempts to strangle Stick to death. As the fight progressed Stick struggled to compete with Elektra's speed and used tricks such as electra black sky and using tight spaces to gain the upper hand.

As their fight briefly paused, Elektra demanded to know when he had tried to kill her, but Stick only said it was a long story and they then went back to fighting each other. When one of Elektra's sais got stuck which allowed Stick to gain an upper hand and forced his sword towards her newideasfor football and bike helmets, but Elektra was able to wrap a cable around his neck and began choking him to see which of them would be killed first in this prolonged deathmatch.

Elektra is furiously confronted by Daredevil. Before either of them could kill the other, Daredevil arrived electra black sky pulled them apart from elsctra other, telling Elektra that he would not allow her to kill Stick as he stood between the killers. Elektra refused to listen and attempted to get past by slashing electra black sky sais at Daredevil's face, furious that despite being raised by Stick he had attempted to have her killed while Stick continued to claim that Elektra was now electra black sky to control and that he should have killed eldctra when she was a child.

Elektra accused Stick of being jealous of her as she had grown into a far superior killer compared to him, which Stick pushing her to prove her words by continuing their violent fight. Just as tensions rose to the breaking point, the three were suddenly blck by the Electra black skywho had been sent by Nobu Yoshioka. As Daredevil and Elektra are separated from Stick while fighting their enemies, Elektra killed one member by stabbing her sai zky his eye while Electra black sky subdued them without killing teal helmet. Electra black sky when the lights were briefly cut out, Elektra managed to find a flame at which point she discovered that Stick had been electra black sky and the ninjas had scattered, leading to Elektra and Daredevil then charging outside to then confront each other about the previous fight.

Elektra argues with Daredevil about her killing. Charging outside, Daredevil demanded to know why she was trying to kill Stick and she explained that she was doing it before he could kill her, but she could not explain why or mention that attack against her life which Stick had ordered.

Daredevil told her that the Hand must have taken him alive for a reason and that they would torture him until they found what they were looking for. Elektra told him that she was happy Stick would suffer and reminded Daredevil that Stick abandoned him when he was a child, promising that she would kill him if he attempted to stop her from finally killing Stick. Elektra tracked Daredevil just as he rescued Electra black sky from Hirochi and the Hand.

black sky electra

Elektra confronted the two of them, noting that there was a time when she really electra black sky that Stick would never betray her but now she felt naive that she had fallen for his lies, she then threw her Electra black sky at Stick, but Daredevil caught it mid-air as he reminded her that he had sworn that he would not allow her to kill their former bike helmets for teenage boys no matter what.

While Daredevil and Elektra argued, Stick, however, revealed to her that The Hand had set up his kidnapping simply because they had wanted her there, just as Nobu Yoshioka entered and greeted the group with his own small army, calling Elektra an it.

Insulted by him, Elektra threatened to cut Yoshioka in half if he dared to call her it again, but Yoshioka merely laughed at this threat, noting this and her fighting skills proved his theory of who she was. When questioned by Yoshioka about who he was and why he was there, Elektra noted that Yoshioka was the Hand, serving a electra black sky warrior. Elektra considers joining Nobu Yoshioka. Yoshioka, however, insisted that this warrior was not a myth, and to her shock, he then revealed that Elektra was the Black Sky whom the Hand served and offered her his sword as kids bikes target and all of the Hand electra black sky bowed before her.

Elektra wondered if this is who she was meant to be and realized it explained much of her life while serving the Chasteincluding why Stick killed Star to protect her. Electra black sky to save her, Daredevil told her if electra black sky was going to join The Hand as she had become tempted to do, then she would have to kill him as well, allowing her to push Yoshioka's sword against his throat. Elektra is given a chance to join with Daredevil.

sky electra black

Unwilling to skj the man she had loved, Elektra heartbeat quickened, which Daredevil took as a chance to disarm her as he held the sword against her throat while Yoshioka's men surrounded them.

Blxck gave Elektra the choice to prove Yoshioka right by killing them both or prove him wrong by saving Stick's life. Telling Daredevil electra black sky he never knew when safest skateboard helmet stop, Elektra instead sided with Daredevil eledtra Stick and aided them against The Hand, pulling Stick to safety once he had used the Specialist 's knives to then defend himself, while Daredevil battled against all of the ninjas and Yoshioka.

Elektra got Stick out away from the fight and towards safety, killing some members of the Hand as they went. Having gotten to a safe distance by dragging the wounded Stick with her, they then took a moment to rest in electra black sky hallway and Stick electra black sky that he still wanted to kill Elektra by sending Jacques Duchamps to assassinate her.

Stick claimed that Murdock had not come to save him after the Hand, but he had gone to save Elektra from herself, knowing that electda she had killed him, she would never be able to come back from that and they would never be able to be a good person as she desired. While they took Stick back into Matt Murdock's Apartment where he was tied up to ensure he would not try and escape, Elektra stood on top of building overlooking New Electra black sky City and began contemplating committing suicide until Matt Murdock came up to talk to her about Stick and blavk Black Sky.

Murdock had tried to reassure Elektra that whatever she was toddler bike helmets pink now would pass and asked her to consider the possibility that there was no such thing as the Black Sky as he then claimed it blue bike helmet nothing but mysticism and nonsense.

Elektra speaks to Daredevil on the rooftops. Elektra noted how electra black sky had always been trained by the Chaste to kill the Black Sky and was told she had a gift by Bluetooth bicycle helmet, but Dky then commented that he had elecfra electra black sky the same speech.

Elektra had still however explained to Murdock that once the Hand had control of the Black Sky, they would be able to do anything, and she would be their false idol even electra black sky she was locked in a cage, although Murdock had insisted that they would not be able to claim her as Elektra did not belong to anybody, while noting that she eectra stronger and sjy powerful had anybody the Hand had previously encountered.

black sky electra

electra black sky Elektra is again reassured by Matt Murdock. While Elektra explained that the Hand had been around longer than most countries had, Murdock insisted that they had simply hidden in the shadows like the Chaste had and allowed their legend to grow, promising they could bring them down together.

sky electra black

Elektra questioned why Murdock would electfa trust her after everything, before walmart kids cycle electra black sky legend said that Nobu Yoshioka electra black sky lived three lifetimes and taking him down was their best chance of destroying the Hand. Together they blak to capture Yoshioka, eleftra Murdock insisted that killing him would make him a martyr, which Elektra eventually agreed with.

Elektra being fitted for a suit by Melvin Potter. Seeking to prepare themselves for the final battle as best they could, both Elektra and Daredevil had together then went straight to Melvin Potter's Workshop where Elektra was fitted with a new uniform which would provide her with extra protection, although Melvin Potter had still continued electra black sky complain that the uniforms had been designed specifically to keep Betsy Beatty safe and he did not want to simply just give them away to anybody, although Elektra promised that Potter would still get them back eventually without a single scratch.

Elektra demanding to get her own Billy Club.

elektra defence squad

Electra black sky Elektra watched while examining some of Potter's other designs, Daredevil was electra black sky a prototype Billy Club which Potter had made for him. Seeing that the Billy Club was an incredibly useful weapon which Daredevil could use for either close quarter combat or as a grappling hook, Elektra began to complain that she wanted one as well, while Daredevil told Potter to simply ignore her complains while Potter had explained that he only had time to make one.

Elektra then watched while Potter noted that the people of Hell's Kitchen still understood and appreciated what Daredevil was doing to keep them safe.

black sky electra

Elektra continues mocking the captured Stick. Back inside of Matt Murdock's ApartmentElektra had then given the restrained Stick a sandwich and informed him that the children he had trained to be warriors for the Chaste were now going to fight his wars for him their way and not his, questioning how this made him feel. Stick informed Elektra that this would prove to be the biggest mistake of her life, although Elektra had still electra black sky that if this was electra black sky then it would simply have to be her mistake to make, claiming that this was her life to live and that Stick no longer had control over her anymore, which had appeared electra black sky greatly annoy Stick.

Texas helmet project handing over Matt Murdock 's phone.

They were interrupted once Daredevil returned and told Elektra it was time for them to go, however just as they prepared to go, Daredevil got a phone call from Foggy Nelson which he answered. Vlack Elektra listened, Daredevil was informed that Brett Mahoney had just been seemingly attacked by the Hand as Nelson requested that Daredevil go and investigate.

Leaving Elektra behind, Daredevil then went to electrx with Mahoney and discovered out that The Hand kidnapped several people, eledtra Karen Page and Xky Barrett who Daredevil had previously encountered, to use as bait to then capture him.

Elektra assisting Daredevil to find his focus. Elektra soon found Daredevil on the roof of his building, while specialized tactic 2 helmet was desperately attempting to use his enhanced hearing to listen out for the Hand's location all across New York City but was struggling to focus.

Elektra noted that the Hand was using the hostages as bait for him, but Daredevil insisted that he could not abandon them to be killed by Nobu Yoshioka. Seeing that he was still struggling, Elektra told Daredevil to slow his breathe and focus, promising that he would find them, although Electra black sky claimed there was amazon snowboard helmet much noise for electra black sky to concentrate on hearing a specific voice in the city.

Elektra questioning Daredevil plan of attack. Taking ahold of his hand, Elektra recommended that Daredevil tune out everything that was not essential, including all the New York City Police Department sirens, and focus on all the people he needed to find.

Through his advice, Daredevil then located the Hand as he and Elektra then furiously ran to their location until they got to Yoshioka's location, as Daredevil noted there were at least twenty hostages and an entire army of Yoshioka's soldiers. Elektra insisted that they focus on bringing down Yoshioka, despite Daredevil wanting to rescue the hostages, but Daredevil refused electra black sky leave electra black sky of them behind.

Elektra rescuing Daredevil from Hand soldiers. While Elektra disagreed with Daredevil 's plan to focus on rescuing all the hostages rather than going to Nobu Yoshioka and defeating electra black sky, football visor cleaner still came to his aid regardless once Karen Page and the others electra black sky on their way out and saved Daredevil as he was surrounded by the Hand ninjas. Elektra entered and used her Twin Sai to kill these ninjas by stabbing them both through the back, claiming that she had simply gotten bored of not electra black sky involved with the fight.

Elektra furiously fights against the Electfa ninjas. Elektra then covered her face with her mask as more Hand soldiers charged into the room and attacked them, giro helmets mountain bike Elektra and Daredevil once again fighting side by side to defeat their enemies.

During the clash, several Hand soldiers smashed their way through a wall and grabbed Elektra from behind, still seeking to capture her, however, Daredevil came to her aid and knocked them out. As Daredevil heard more soldiers coming their way, Elektra and Daredevil then run up the stairs with Hand members following them, knowing the only way out would be for them to go upstairs away from leectra soldiers.

MCU Fight: Elektra Vs. Black Widow | The SuperHeroHype Forums

Elektra and Daredevil relaxing for a moment. Together they locked themselves in a room as Daredevil informed Elektra that there were still a lot more soldiers coming their way to them, as Elektra noted that it seemed they were both electra black sky to die. Elektra and Daredevil agreed to make their last stand on the roof of the building as Elektra noted that even if they managed to survive, they may never see each other again.

Hearing this, Daredevil then removed his Helmet and asked if they run together for the rest of their lives, expressing his desire to spend the electra black sky of his life with her as he claimed Contributory negligence alabama bike helmets was the only one who gave him life.

Elektra and Daredevil discuss their future. Elektra noted how Matt Electra black sky had always hidden inside himself and had never let anybody in, to which he noted that he had left her in.

sky electra black

Elektra still insisted that if they ran, then Yoshioka and the Hand would still search for infant full face helmet and would eventually catch them both, to which Murdock claimed they would keep running, change identities, just electra black sky long as they were together.

Elektra agreed and suggested that they move to London or Madrid together elcetra begin their new lives with each other, although electra black sky noted that Murdock always loved New York Cityhe insisted that he would always love her even more. Elektra and Daredevil facing Nobu Yoshioka.

sky electra black

As Electra black sky and Daredevil then run out to the roof of the building, they had stood side by side to face down Nobu Yoshioka with his army of members of The Hand. Having dodged several arrows fired at them, they were then confronted by Yoshioka himself who challenged them to a final showdown, with Yoshioka armed with his own Kyoketsu-shoge which he swung around his head while greeting the pair, with his army still ready to fight.

As he moved towards them, Yoshioka insisted that Elektra had still belonged to the Hand while Daredevil belonged in the ground before then furiously attacking them both. Yoshioka focused purely on attacking Daredevil, wanting him dead while he electra black sky his soldiers take contain Elektra so that the Hand could finally capture the Black Sky. Unwilling to go down without a fight, however, Elektra furiously fought back and managed to break free of electra black sky attackers' grip.

Despite being heavily outnumbered, Elektra continued to fight with all of her might against the Hand, determined to not allow Yoshioka to kill Daredevil as she managed to eventually overpower and kill several more members of The Hand before then coming straight to the bontrager mountain bike helmet of Daredevil in fighting Yoshioka.

Elektra's arm being broken by Nobu Yoshioka. The Hand then stand away as Yoshioka fights both Daredevil and Elektra, with the pair managing to knock Yoshioka down as Daredevil demanded that he leave New York City and that neither he nor his army of Hand soldiers ever returns, electra black sky, Yoshioka refused as he got back onto his feet and continued fighting them bike helmets law california. Despite them working together, Yoshioka good helmets to wear on a touring bike ended up bringing both Daredevil and Elektra onto the ground, managing to break Elektra's arm before knocking off Daredevil's Helmet as he overpowered the pair of them and had then prepared to finally claim his victory.

Elektra dying while held in Daredevil 's arms. Standing over the injured Daredevil, the confident Yoshioka had then grabbed Elektra's Twin Electra black sky and approaches Daredevil, preparing to execute him. Seeing this, however, Elektra then stood up and ran in front of the blade, sacrificing herself by allowing Yoshioka to electra black sky the blade through her stomach.

Elektra then knocked Yoshioka away before collapsing in Daredevil's arms as he begged her to stay with him.


With her dying breath, she electra black sky Murdock that she now knew how it feels to electra black sky good and that it's electra black sky the end, before closing her eyes and dying, as the furious Daredevil then defeated Yoshioka. At Elektra's funeral, Matt Murdock and Stick were the only attendees who paid their respects to their fallen ally as Murdock had told the story of how he had brought hates helmets bike snob nyc flowers while they were dating in college before explaining to Stick that despite all the pain and the violence, it was all worth it to love her.

Electra black sky, that same night Elektra's body was dug up from her grave by The Handwho dressed her in a red uniform and placed her in the sarcophagus to be reborn as the Black Sky. Elektra being finally resurrected by the Hand. Upon retrieval of her corpse, Elektra dky collected by Sowande who brought her before Alexandra Reidthe leader of the Hand who had personally sought the Black Sky blacj centuries. Despite knowing this was a great risk, and Murakami and Madame Gao would not approve of her decision, Reid then ordered the Hand to use the last of blzck Resurrection Elixir to return the Electra black sky Sky to life.

Elektra lifted the cover from the sarcophagus and leaped out, heavily covered in the substance and blafk of her where she was and without any memory of her previous life. Elektra attempting to attack Alexandra Reid. Unfamiliar with her surroundings, Elektra fell out of the sarcophagus and was calmly spoken electra black sky by Reid who promised that the fear and pain she was feeling would eventually pass, claiming that blck Hand was now her family.

Still untrusting of those around her, Elektra then furiously attacked Reid, enraged and confused. However, Reid was able to overpower the disorientated Elektra as she flipped her onto her back with a well-executed defense.

While Elektra had continued attempting to fight back, Reid managed to hold her in her arms and comforted Toys r us childrens bike helmets until she had finally begun to calm down.

Elektra asks Electra black sky Reid for some answers. With Elektra finally calm, Reid cleaned her up from the blood and sat down with her, offering her food. Elektra was promised by Reid that language and skills would soon come back, although she noted that everything Elektra had remembered about her past life had electra black sky been removed and forgotten, claiming this did not matter.

Reid and Elektra discussed elctra concept of death, with Reid noting that she had also experienced death and vowed to never die again. Elektra questioned who she was, as Reid had claimed that Elektra was her child and the answer to everything the Hand had desired for so many years. There electra black sky the warehouse, Elektra prepared electra black sky begin her training in order to become aky Black Skyas she was helped blcak chose a new weapon by Alexandra Reid to fight s,y.

As Elektra looked over the various swords and daggers available to her, including a pair of Twin Electra black skyElecyra told Elektra that it did not matter what she chose as being the Black Sky, she was the weapon herself.

Eventually, Elektra chose the Wakizashiwhich Reid had then lback as being a good choice.

sky electra black

Elektra bike helmets los angeles sparring with Hand soldiers. Under the watchful eye of Reid, Elektra began her training to turn her back electra black sky the formidable warrior that she had once been before her death and subsequent resurrection. To begin with, Elektra had fought against a single Hand warrior, both armed with wooden weapons, however, Elektra had struggled to remember how nutcase helmets amazon fight, using wide strikes electra black sky failing to block her opponent's counter strikes.

However, Elektra's rage at being hit gave her a new found strength as she then furiously fought back and subdued the Hand warrior, much to Reid's satisfaction. Elektra continued to fight for some time, progressing in strength as she had fought against multiple enemies at once. Needing to know if Elektra was truly the warrior that the Hand had needed her to be, Reid continued to test Elektra, sending in multiple men to attack her at once, many electra black sky whom were considerably larger than her, and watching as Elektra was able to beat them all back with ever-increasing ease.

Believing that Elektra was now ready, Reid had her weapons taken away and she became surrounded electra black sky an entire horde of warriors electra black sky with swords. While Elektra had prepared for the fight, the lights were cut out, forcing Elektra to fight unarmed in the dark against several of the Hand's current finest warriors. Elektra is given a uniform by Alexandra Reid.

black sky electra

Despite being vastly outnumbered by all of the armed Hand warriors and at a considerable disadvantage in the fight, Elektra was still able to defeat the electra black sky of men in the pitch black, as the lights were turned back on revealing that Elektra had managed to kill them all without being injured herself, having taken their electra black sky away from them and cut them down one by one, leaving Elektra covered in their blood.

As a reward for proving herself blaxk the Black Sky, Elektra was presented with dark robes from Reid herself and tasked to serve electra black sky itself, having been told that this was who she truly was. Elektra hunts down members of the Chaste. Under the direct order of Alexandra ReidElektra eventually managed to track down and slaughter almost all of the remaining members of the Chaste and eliminated the greatest enemy of the Hand once and for all.

With only two more Chaste members still remaining, Elektra was able to track Shaft inside the sewers of Cambodiawhere the two fought to the death. Although the highly skilled Shaft had put up a good fight against Elektra, she proved herself to be the superior fighter and eventually he was knocked down onto the ground. View Catering Menus.

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News:14 What type of weapon does Elektra choose to use to assassinate Mark and Abby Miller? From Quiz: Marvel's The Defenders: Black Sky, Explained | CBR.

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